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Below, we have listed a number of websites that we have explored and found to offer beneficial information and/or services. We encourage you to review them as well. Consumers are urged to use discretion when conducting business with these or any other online entities. U.T.S.F., LLC makes no guarantee, nor assumes any liability for purchases made or services acquired via these websites. This is a great site to purchase books about healing the body, mind, and soul. This is a great site to get all of your medical, pharmacological, and additional mental health questions answered! This site offers information and additional resources on addictions. Here is another useful site to obtain necessary information and resources on substance abuse and dependency. This site is a great source for the latest articles and resources on many mental health issues.  Another site offering articles and resources on mental health issues. Use this website to verify the credentials of any mental health professional with whom you are considering working. The credentials for all U.T.S.F., LLC practitioners can also be verified via this site.


Mental Health Association of Broward County: This site offers mental health resources and information to the residents of Broward County. 


The Trevor Project: The Trevor Project offers a national, 24hr, 365-day per year suicide hotline and website information for gay and "questioning" teens.


American Social Health Association: This site offers resources, info, and support for people with questions about or suffering from STDs.


American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy:  This is the AAMFT's official site that offers the most recent resources and clinical updates in the area of marriage and family therapy.


American Psychiatric Association:  This is the APA's official website for the latest clinical and diagnostical information.


Smart  Read the latest on how other couples have maintained long, healthy marriages This is another excellent site to get the latest health information, videos, and articles by renowned health experts!


Stop Internet Abuse and Harassment!!! Have you received or viewed abusive, harassing spam or email? Go to this site to report internet abuse! This site provides referrals to those searching for African-American professionals and/or resources.


Empowering This is an excellent site for Parents who need up-to-date resources for addressing challenging child-rearing issues.


Free Behavioral Additional child management tools for parents and professionals.


Please continue to check back since this page is regularly updated for your convenience!

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