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Alonso Manns, LMFT


"If the Desire is Present...Change is Possible!" ATM


Thank you for viewing my profile! As a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy (LMFT), I'm very grateful to have 20-plus years of Human Services experience, to be able to help clients resolve an array of concerns. The following areas of clinical treatment, however, are what drive my passion to work in the field:

I particularly enjoy Couples Counseling, and it comprises approximately 60 - 70% of my work. All couples are welcome, regardless of whether they're married, simply co-habitating, traditional, contemporary, or same-sex. As a therapist who practices from a systems theory perspective, the interventions which I use are effective with most issues that couples encounter. There are several important areas of relationship dynamics that are immediately identified and addressed: Negative patterns of interaction, "failed" solution attempts, misconceptions / false assumptions, and  negotiating "wants and needs". Couples who are committed to improving mutual understanding and communication will attain the results they desire. To facilitate this success, balanced and fair sessions are encouraged, during which both partners' views are heard.   


As in couples counseling, I use similar, proven systemic approaches in Family Therapy. Contemporary families are extremely diverse in their structures, and the problems encountered by traditional, "nuclear families" can be very different from those experienced by single-parent households, "blended" families (i.e., families headed by biological and non-biological parents), LGBT families, or multicultural families. A combination of both personal and professional experience has allowed me to specifically assist these types of families deal with issues ranging from parent-child conflict or ineffective parenting techniques, to parent absenteeism and divorce. My work with children ages 9 -18 includes issues such as peer pressure, sexual identity, physical and sexual abuse, poor self-esteem, substance abuse, and transition to adulthood. It's very rewarding to observe when, after weeks of committed work, a family reports that they have achieved the success they've desperately wanted!


Certainly not least of all, is the significant amount of Individual Therapy which I practice. In addition to traditional systemic and behavioral approaches, I am a certified Hypnotherapist, trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy®. Trauma, history of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, painful breakups, work-related problems, and environmental stressors are just some of the issues which individuals resolve in session.


In addition to the internalized issues people struggle with, I enjoy helping others learn how to survive and conquer workplace conflict, and protect their interests. Workplace issues are usually rectifiable through use of Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.) Counseling, offered by many insurance companies (who actively encourage use of this service). Although these benefits are free, many people are unawareness that their company offers this program! As an E.A.P. provider with several companies, I can inquire with your insurance carrier to determine if these benefits exist. E.A.P. benefit information should also be posted throughout your workplace with a toll-free number to call for initiating services.


In the area of sexuality, my work frequently involves helping people address LGBT issues: HIV/AIDS-related concerns, domestic violence, "coming-out", dating, poor self-esteem or internalized homophobia, and substance abuse. Often, individuals specifically have concerns on disclosure issues, serodiscordant relationships, and HIV/AIDS psychoeducation. Regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or sexual concern, all couples and individuals who have felt misunderstood, judged, or uncomfortable when seeking past professional help, should expect a safe and welcoming environment in my office!  


I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and/or your loved ones!


Hago citas en español para personas que no se sientan cómodas comunicandose en inglés.


Alonso has been licensed in Florida since 2002 (MT 1960) and is a Qualified Supervisor for MFT and MHC Registered Interns. Alonso holds a M.S. in Social & Systemic Studies (MFT) from Nova Southeastern University.


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