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Ronie Gomes, PhD.


"Honoring People's Experiences Can Create Change!" - RG



Ronie Gomes was born in Nicaragua and relocated to South Florida over 20 years ago. She completed her M.A. degree in Medical Marriage & Family Therapy, and her Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. Ronie is currently an Adjunct Professor at NSU's School of Social & Systemic Studies.

As a Systemic Therapist, Ronie believes that the family is a whole unit that needs to be considered in treatment. This holistic approach is necessary in resolving both individual and familial issues. Ronie's approach honors the qualities and strengths of each family member. The "here and now" is also an important focus.


Ronie's ten years of clinical experience includes not just family issues, but work with couples and individuals as well. Some of the areas of concern that she has addressed include: Anger, Loss, Depression, HIV/AIDS, Parenting, Adolescent Concerns, and Blended Families. Ronie's past positions as both a Psychoeducational Counselor and Family Counselor allowed her the opportunity to provide group counseling to HIV-infected individuals and teach life skills and family empowerment to those suffering from eating disorders.


Being equally fluent in both Spanish and English only highlights Ronie's knowledge of diversity and multicultural issues. She provides services in both languages. Ronie is a Registered Marriage & Family Intern (IMT 1157) working towards licensure.  



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