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Unfortunately, the therapists at U.T.S.F., LLC are not available on a 24hr basis. Furthermore, during our hours in the office, we are usually assisting other individuals for extended periods. Thus, we may be unable to accept or return your call immediately. If this occurs, please be assured that your call will be returned within 24hrs. The services detailed below, however, are available 24hrs a day.


If you realize that you are in need of immediate attention, please call Mobile Crisis at 954.463.0911 to have a team dispatched to your location. If the situation is critical, please call 911 for police assistance. If for some reason you are unable to reach Mobile Crisis or the Police via phone, go to the nearest hospital emergency room for

evaluation. For less urgent situations that may improve  through competent, professional phone intervention or to obtain 24hr resource and referral information, call First-Call-For-Help by dialing 211 from any phone. 


If you are working with a U.T.S.F., LLC therapist, and have had an emergency need for services arise, please notify that therapist only after you have followed the above emergency procedures. Your therapist will return your call at his/her earliest opportunity within 24hrs.


Broward General Hospital (954.355.4400) and Holy Cross Hospital (954.492.5753) are the closest emergency receiving centers to the U.T.S.F., LLC office. These facilities will appropriately handle emergency psychiatric needs.




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