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Valerie Cochrane, LMFT


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin, An Invitation to Therapy


My Therapeutic Style


The above quote epitomizes my philosophy on the therapeutic process. I feel we seek out any means possible to move through or manage our emotional growth spurts in life. Some of these

may cause distress leading us to spiritual, physical or emotional roadblocks. During these times we search for someone who can help us better understand or support us through the tides of life.


My therapeutic style is based in systemic roots. This means I will see you as an individual with a life whose experiences paint a unique picture. We will work towards finding collaborative solutions to your desired goals and go at a pace that is custom made for you. I find this to be very effective considering no two life stories are written the same way.


In conjunction with my traditional therapeutic tools, I incorporate Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™. This experiential process utilizes a dramatic combination of traditional hypnosis, humanistic, behavioral, and developmental psychology, in conjunction with gestalt techniques and energy work to identify the source or origin of emotional and/or physical distress. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™ facilitates profound healing by enabling the client to connect to suppressed or dissociated feelings, reintegrate lost parts of themselves and reclaim personal power.

It has shown to be a wonderful tool in certain cases of extreme anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Hypnotherapy can also support traditional methods geared towards overcoming addictions.


About Me

Before joining United Therapists of South Florida, I lead an eclectic life. I spent over twenty exciting years traveling throughout Europe, South America and the Caribbean as an international flight attendant. Being immersed in such a multicultural life opened my heart and mind to the ability to embrace others. In between those years I studied and worked off Broadway, in New York, as a comedic actress. Then I found my business sense and took time to work in the fortune 500 world as a project manager for a fiber optic company. In between all this excitement and fun, there was a nagging undercurrent of depression and anxiety that would rear its ugly head. This led me to seek out the possibility of a therapeutic road to recovery. To my initial shock, it really worked. That is my hope for you.

After searching in many career directions, I found my true calling as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I chose this degree because it coincides with my therapeutic belief that clients should be treated as people, not a diagnosis. I have had the privilege of working with the brave men and women returning from duty. Their hard work resulted in many differing symptoms that occur with PTSD including relational difficulties and anxiety. I used my artistic nature as well when taking on the role of “Art Therapist” with teens and children working through loss in an intensive weekend bereavement camp. It was amazing to see how deeply amazing and brave they were when given the opportunity to share.


Afraid to Fly?


With twenty years in the sky and a psychotherapeutic degree, I feel I am uniquely qualified to work with you in this area. Your personal relationship with this fear is most important to me. Just like suitcases, fears may look alike on the outside but be filled with a variety of colors and shapes on the inside. Together we can unpack at your pace and navigate in a hopeful direction.

I look forward to discussing how therapy can be helpful to you. 


Valerie has been licensed since April, 2015, and she holds a M.S. in Marriage & Family Therapy (Social and Systemic Studies) from Nova Southeastern University.

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