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Our company is continually adding to the list of insurance plans in which we participate. Currently, we have applications pending with several carriers for acceptance into their provider networks. Please ask the Senior Manager for up-to-date details on insurance acceptance. 


United Therapists of South Florida, LLC has practitioners who are registered with Broward County to provide Pre-Marital Counseling (954.831.7283). Also, we now have therapists who are providers in the following insurance networks: 


  • United Health Care/United Behavioral Health - (800) 310-7622 

  • Aetna/Aetna Behavioral Health (Customer Service) - (800) 872-3862

  • BayCare Life Management E.A.P. (Program Referrals) - (800) 229-2273

  • BeechStreet (Customer Service) - (800) 877-1444

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Out-of-Network Provider) - (888) 630-2583

  • Managed Care Concepts (Employee Assistance Program) - (561) 750-2240

  • Horizon Health E.A.P. Services Inc. - (414) 376-5577

  • Lifesync Inc. (service provider for Humana Insurance) - (800) 777-6330

  • Humana Insurance - (800) 706-1262

  • Ceridian E.A.P./LifeWorks Services - (800) 877-7994

  • CIGNA Behavioral Health (Customer Support Center) - (800) 997-1654

  • Integrated Behavioral Health EAP - (800) 395-1616

  • MultiPlan PPO - (888) 342-7427

  • Mutual of Omaha EAP - (800) 228-7104

  • All PPO Insurance Plans*


Those using their insurance coverage may have a co-pay. This co-pay will vary, depending on the service rendered and the insurance plan. We will call the insurance company to determine your benefits and co-pay amount.


Cash is the preferred method of payment. Personal checks are accepted at the discretion of the Senior Manager. We also accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and Amex. Session fees are established during the initial phone consultation. Our out-of-pocket fees range from $85 - $325, depending on the service needed and professional chosen. Those individuals demonstrating financial difficulty will qualify for our sliding-scale fee assessment.


*Clients who have PPO insurance plans must pay for services out-of-pocket. Individual or itemized "super bills" for sessions will be provided in order to obtain insurance reimbursement.


Is there a benefit from paying by cash, and not using your insurance? Yes, there is! While we will accept all insurance reimbursement from networks in which we participate, you do have a major benefit by paying out-of-pocket: Privacy! When any mental health provider submits an invoice to an insurance company, for reimbursement of services rendered, they must diagnose you with a recognized DSM-IV mental health disorder. These invoices, and your records, become property of the insurance company. Although your records remain in the practitioner's office unless requested or audited by the insurance company, the invoices containing your information remain with the insurance company. At this point, neither you nor the practitioner can control how these companies handle your information. Furthermore, being diagnosed with certain disorders may preclude you from receiving additional health or life insurance in the future! If you are unsure about how much information you want to divulge to your insurance company, request to speak to the Senior Manager about what your privacy* and out-of-pocket payment options are at U.T.S.F., LLC. 


*U.T.S.F., LLC is a HIPAA-observant private practice.     


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