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Yes...We Offer a Certified Pre-Marital Course!!!

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U.T.S.F., LLC offers a private, comprehensive, and authorized pre-marital course. Many couples report that they have found this course to be beneficial in determining what truly helps marriages succeed, and identifying in which areas they may need help. As opposed to a large, uncomfortable, or intimidating class offered by many other providers, Our professionals schedule private, interactive sessions that allow couples the freedom to discuss personal marriage concerns. Please call 954.567.4175 for more information and to schedule an appointment.  


Our course meets all the requirements set by the Clerk of Courts for Broward County, as outlined in Florida Statute 741.0305. Each participant is required to furnish his/her original certificate of completion in order to receive the discounted license with no waiting period. Questions regarding the filing procedures should be directed to the office for the Clerk of Courts. Please call their automated system for information at 954.712.7899 x7841, or call 954.831.6565 for live assistance. You may also click on the link below to view information directly from the Clerk of Courts website, and verify the authorization of our providers:



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