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Phyllis Marcus, MFT MHC


"Everyone's Story Can Have A Happy Ending!" - PM


Although she is not a native, Phyllis has resided here in South Florida for more than 20 years. Graduating from Barry University, she obtained a dual Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. Her clinical approach is distinctly post-modern: Narrative her model of choice. Equally impressive is Phyllis's 20+ years of experience in the Human Services field.

Like the other therapists profiled on our site, Phyllis also has experience working with troubled adolescents and young adults. Specifically, these youth struggled with substance abuse. Phyllis's approach relied heavily on family therapy.


In addition, Phyllis has worked substantially with developmentally-challenged adults. During this five year period, she worked closely with Jewish Children and Family Services of Denver. Phyllis was instrumental in the development and opening of an adult group home. She also assisted Jewish Russian immigrants in accessing community, health, and financial resources.


Phyllis's personal understanding of women's issues was extremely helpful in her Domestic Violence work. Phyllis attempts to incorporate the valuable experience gained from this work into her couples counseling. She is specifically attuned to the needs of LGBT couples in this area, which is often overlooked by other professionals. The commitment she has displayed in attempting to create a heightened awareness of Domestic Violence is only surpassed by her dedication to working with adults suffering from severe mental illness.


Phyllis's 12 years of working with severely mentally ill adults includes her current employment with Henderson Mental Health Center. After maintaining several  positions within the agency, she works currently as a supervisor in the Adult Case Management Department. Phyllis continues to provide both individual and group therapy to adult consumers.


Phyllis is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. 

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